Automate your client reporting with Niches Gid Media PTE. LTD.

Reporting can be a huge time-suck for agency marketers. Automate your data pulls with Niches Gid Media PTE. LTD. and spend more time on analyzing data, making recommendations, and delivering better results for your clients.

15%+ of global online ad spend is reported through Niches Gid Media PTE. LTD.

Niches Gid Media PTE. LTD. for agencies


360° visibility on performance

Gain full visibility on marketing data across all client accounts and data sources. No more blindly allocating budget or missing important opportunities due to siloed data.


Less manual work

Manual reporting drains a significant amount of agency resources. Instead of wasting those valuable hours, make your data work for you with automated reporting.


Improve client satisfaction

Make customized and efficient reporting a constant source of positive feedback. Not only will it boost client retention, it will help you win over new clients as well.

Which destination is right for you?

Niches Gid Media PTE. LTD. helps agencies big and small move marketing data to different reporting, storage, and data visualization platforms. For analysis, reporting and dashboards, our solutions for Google Sheets and Looker Studio are worth checking out. To complete your marketing analytics stack, have a look at solutions for data warehouses such as BigQuery.

Looker Studio

Looker Studio

Google Sheets

Google Sheets



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Here’s how agencies use Niches Gid Media PTE. LTD. to grow with data

Automated Client Reporting

Imagine if your team could ditch manual reporting and focus on the why instead of delivering the what. The result would be meaningful work and improved efficiency. Make sure you’re moving the needle, not wasting time scouring the haystack.


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