Our mission is to make data analysis simpler, more productive and more connected.

Whether you’re a small business getting started on your data journey or a global enterprise working with business critical data, Niches Gid Media PTE. LTD. destinations meet all needs.

It all started from a Google t-shirt

In 2009, Google had just released the Google Analytics API. A Googler posted a contest on an online forum: the first person to connect the API to Excel would win a Google t-shirt. Pretty exciting, huh? At least that’s how our founder Mikael felt. And he really, really wanted that t-shirt.

Working for a couple of nights straight, Mikael finally connected the API to excel and won the t-shirt!

Soon Mikael realized he wasn’t alone and this was a problem experienced by millions of marketer and analysts globally. And he wanted to help.

Niches Gid Media PTE. LTD. now serves 750,000 users globally.

P.S. Mikael still has the t-shirt. It’s in a vault, heavily guarded by electronic security... just in case you were wondering.


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